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What are the benefits of CallMarker?


Save time and money

Research around the world show that 65% of marketing calls are either unanswered or don't even get to the point of an actual sale.
The CallMarker built-in intelligence system will call the potential customer on your behalf using your name and voice, and will make sure the customer is available and interested to hear your offer.
Only then you will join the call.

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Reports and success process

When it comes to the point where you want to know what works for your business and what doesn't, you need a powerful tool that will show you what are the most profitable calls you do, who is the best performing agent in your business, and how to scale up the success.
You can rely on CallMarker for that too.
With our helpful reports you can do all of this, With the help of our intelligent system that tracks each and every failure or success and brings you the data in words you can understand fast. Because as fast as you know, as fast you can do something and scale your success.

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CallMarker gives you a possibility to connect to almost any customer management tool, or other services you use.
Keep using your preferred customer management tool with the additional power of our system!

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Recording and documenting

From time to time, you will need to get around the calls that have been done on behalf of your business and hear what happened there.
With CallMarker all you have to do is login to the system and click the Play button, because each call is recorded and saved for you on our servers.

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No installation required

CallMarker is a cloud-based software. That means that the only thing you need to get started with your new sales station is a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.
That’s right! Any of these devices is sufficient to start using our system.
You need just 3 minutes to open account and start working.

Save time

Why we've built CallMarker

Many times the interaction between businesses and customers becomes a mess.
Businesses want to sell things as much as they can, and customers, on the other side, want to hear less marketing talks about things they don't need.
With our service we are trying to bring best for both sides - connect businesses only to customers that interested in their products.


Can I use my business phone number when calling to my clients?

Of course! CallMarker allows you to verify your phone numbers and use them as you like. For example you can use one number as caller for one campaign and another number for the others.

Can CallMarker work with my CRM?

Yes. CallMarker can be connected to your preferred CRM. It also can be configured to pull and push any data you’d like to almost any system you currently work with. Also CallMarker will work with your current phone system without any needs of installation at all.

Can I purchase local numbers?

Yes. CallMarker is connected to most of local phone companies, so you can purchase a local phone number directly from your CallMarker’s account.

Can I test the system?

Sure! Just contact us and we'll create a trial account especially for you, so you can experience the ease and joy of working with CallMarker.

How much does it cost?

CallMarker operates internationally. The cost depends on the country you are located in. Please contact our international staff and we'll make sure that a local representative will contact you ASAP.

Is my data safe?

Security is our priority when it comes to sensitive data. All our servers are secured according to the high security standards to keep your data safe. And frequent backups assure that nothing gets lost.

How the system deals with people that we need to convince them to answer the phone?

The system developed for clean up the noises that came with unqualified leads. We believe that if you, as a salesperson, will focus on leads that actually needs your product or service, you will be able to do more conversions in the same amount of time. And that is what happened to all of our happy customers that already use CallMarker.

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