The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Make sure your sales reps are busy

CallMarker will make sure sales reps are very busy with… Sales. Only sales.

No more time wasted on performing communication tasks. Sales reps will always be on a real call and if they are not efficient today, you as a manager will know about it.

Ensures everything is handled

Most deals happen between the 5th and the 12th follow-up. Ask yourself how many times your team reschedules the follow-up when a lead asks to be called back at a later time. CallMarker will automatically manage all follow-ups and make sure the assumptions we all have as humans do not terminate the sales process

Prioritizes - Conversion rate increase

How do your sales representatives prioritize their tasks during the day? If they are like most sales reps in the world, they have a list of tasks and they start going through these tasks. 

But they have limited time in a day, and who can say that this is happening in the right order? Maybe number 37 in the list has a higher chance of being converted today?

Our AI engine will make this diagnosis and prioritize those sales tasks in a way that increases conversion rates.


CallMarker is a full CRM platform to handle the sales process.
You can also integrate it into your own CRM or marketing platform.


CallMarker’s pricing model is based on the number of hours you use the system effectively. Remember, a CallMarker hour is different than a human hour.
For a CallMarker usage quote, please fill out the form:

We do not charge by users, but per hour.
In exchange for the potential of
2X efficiency
per sales rep
(This is an estimation that will be tested during the demo)

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