CallMarker is an AI platform that contains the CRM and communication tools to help sales reps double their efficiency with our intelligent personal manager that manages and performs lots of tasks for the sales reps, and all they have to do is to make the sale.

CallMarker will receive all of the leads and prospects. All the sales reps have to do each day is activate CallMarker and then communicate with relevant leads and customers. CallMarker will do the rest – prioritize, update, perform communication tasks, and much more.

Over past years, we have seen that we can offer the most value to businesses with 3 or more sales reps that conduct their sales by phone (combined with other communication channels).

You do not need any special equipment to start using CallMarker. Just a computer with headphones and an internet connection, and you are good to go.

CallMarker’s AI engine takes parameters that are unique to CallMarker’s platform, and that is the reason we can be so accurate in our prediction.

Yes, CallMarker has a set of API / Zapier / Integromat apps to help you work synergically with our platform and your CRM.

Yes. CallMarker is connected to most local phone carriers so that you can purchase a local phone number directly from your CallMarker’s account.

We can give you much more than a trial account. We do a live demo in which we will give you the ability to work with CallMarker and see if it can at least double your sales rep’s effectiveness. If we don’t succeed with that challenge, you shouldn’t work with our platform. Sounds fair? Let’s start.

Security is our priority when it comes to sensitive data. All our servers are secured according to the high-security standards to keep your data safe. And frequent backups ensure nothing gets lost.

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