Using CallMarker in Remote Sales

The Covid 19 has led more companies around the world to adopt remote work. Sales teams are no exception. The challenges reported when transitioning to remote work are a lack of control over what the salespeople do, no way to identify problems in real-time, and most importantly, an inability to make sure salespeople are improving at specific things.

There are many solutions, like working with Zoom open throughout the shift, holding meetings several times a day, and more… 

And yet, it is not possible to know what is happening at every given moment in order to correct faults or problems.

The CallMarker system allows you to work remotely with your salespeople and ensure everything is done, and those work hours are indeed devoted to working in an effective manner.

The system’s unique mechanism, which knows how to manage salespeople autonomously, report to you as managers on performance anomalies, give you tools to improve the work of salespeople, such as identifying abnormal calls and training salespeople, regardless of the distance between you.

If you operate employees remotely or wish to use our method, and are interested in learning how CallMarker can help you produce at least twice as much as you do without the system, fill out the form below: