Using the CallMarker in the field of Education

People who are interested in studying a particular field are often undecided, exploring more options and require tremendous attention.

Your sales process is an initial conversation with the leads you receive, arranging a meeting (in person or by video) and then having meetings with those who actually keep their meetings. After the meeting, there is follow-up, a lot of follow-up.

The number of customers decreases at every step of the process, either because people stop the process, because they were not handled in a timely manner, because the sale process was not complete. The problem is that your leads cost quite a bit, and any such decrease in numbers produces a larger budget that you are required to invest in advertising.

With the CallMarker system, you will be able to generate at least twice as many meetings or sales per person, improve conversions rate and also, you will make sure that your advertising budget is utilized in the best way possible.


Because the CallMarker system will manage your leads and salespeople with its unique artificial intelligence engine that currently operates in many colleges. Here is an example of a college that managed to improve its conversion by 140% in just 7 weeks!