Using CallMarker in Retail

Manage communication with your leads, with the people who call or even come directly to your store. Whether you manage this communication through a CRM system or in Excel or otherwise, you understand that most leads do not become transactions.

Why? Some are irrelevant, some want to think about it, and some, well, some have just been forgotten somewhere among all the leads that need to be addressed.

With CallMarker, you can make sure that, on the one hand, the leads go into one concentrated place, and on the other hand, they are definitely handled.

Not just handled comprehensively, but smartly, which improves conversion rates.

Here is an example of a retail chain store that works with the CallMarker system and has improved its conversion rate through the system in just 4 weeks:

Using CallMarker in Retail

With CallMarker, the chain succeeded in:

  • Ensuring 100% of leads are handled
  • Renewing contact with past customers
  • Exhausting sales processes from leads (even those who said no) with unique methods that can be implemented within the CallMarker system only.

If you are in retail and are interested in learning how CallMarker can help you produce at least twice as much as you do today, fill out the form below: