Using CallMarker in the Car industry

Your business is built on customers returning every year for vehicle maintenance and servicing. Every year, you need to go over the list of vehicles you serviced last year and contact them all to return this year.

In addition, if you are selling a car, you will want to invite interested parties for a test drive or see the vehicle in which they are interested.

Either way, these are actions that need to be managed in a relatively short time, every month; vehicle owners who do not visit you are at risk of being provided service by another garage and leaving your service center.

Today, many Toyota, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and other service centers use the CallMarker system and succeed in obtaining:

  • Fewer vehicle owners who had their vehicle-treated at the service center the previous year, leaving
  • All customers are invited back for their vehicles to be serviced, either by month or kilometers.
  • Improvements in conversion ratios between the number of interactions with vehicle owners and their actual arrival

Here is an example of a service center that has managed to double the number of customers invited back to the service center within just 4 weeks:

Increase the conversation rate in 4 weeks

If you have a vehicle service center and are interested in learning how CallMarker can help you produce at least twice as much as you do today, fill out the form below: